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Gutter Rudder | Steers Water In... Steers leaves Out.

What Customers Say About Gutter Rudder

       *Richard Dimuzio – Medford, OR
“Gutter Rudder works so well, I had it installed on my house and my rentals”

       *Steve Asher – Asher Homes, Ashland, OR
“Gutter Rudder is so good I put it on homes I build”

       *Dennis Hurd – Roseburg, OR
“I looked everywhere for a gutter guard that worked and Gutter Rudder was it”

       *Karen and Ted Vandemeer – Medford, OR
“Gutter Rudder is an incredible product that was affordable. No more ladders for us”

       *Steve Clements – Jacksonville, OR
“Gutter Rudder was a professional customized installation and matched my metal roof perfectly”

       *Danny and Morton Fallgreen – Medford, OR
“There is never any debris in our gutters anymore. We love the Gutter Rudder”

       *Art Friante – Rogue River, OR
“I am a member of Angie’s list and definitely recommend Gutter Rudder”

       *Lisa Damota – Grants Pass, OR
“Gutter Rudder adds an awesome look to our home”

       *Greg Fehl – Gold Hill, OR
“Not only does Gutter Rudder work, it works great”

       *Michael Kester – Ashland, OR
“Gutter Rudder worked so well on my shop I had it installed on my home too”


       *Bobbie Lancaster- Central PT, OR                                                                                                 “I have been happy with Gutter Rudder since the day it was installed”


       *Don Moran – Medford, OR                                                                                                       

“Gutter Rudder is one of the best improvements added to our home”


What Is Gutter Rudder?


Gutter Rudder sets the Standard for Top Quality Gutter Protection. Gutter Rudder is an all metal system that installs to bring existing gutters and roofs together creating a maintanience free solution to clogged gutters. Gutter Rudder keeps leaves, pine needles, fire embers, snow and other debris from entering gutters. With the Gutter Rudder system your home is protected from the elements, nature and fire danger for decades. With Gutter Rudder you never have to clean your gutters reducing risks of climbing ladders forever! That's why we say "Gutter Rudder and Forget It!"


How Does Gutter Rudder Work?

Gutter Rudder's secret is the principle of surface tension. Hold a glass under a running faucet and you can see surface tension at work. The water flows around the outside of the glass. Similarly, water clings to your Gutter Rudder as it flows off the roof into your gutters. Gravity separates pine needles, leaves, and other debris falling to the ground below. Your gutters stay open and clear effortlessly, with no work on your part! Gutter Rudder and Forget It!


Why is Gutter Rudder Better?


Gutter Rudder is designed to extend roof past the gutters edge so leaves and debris cannot enter gutter channels. Gutter Rudder compliments a roofs pitch keeping leaves and other debris from collecting on gutter tops. Water adheres to the metal surface curvature acting like a magnet using Surface Tension Principals effortlessly dripping inside. No other Gutter Roof System brings water as far inside gutter channels so effectively. 


Gutter Rudder is made from solid metal alloy that will not rust, decay or deteriorate for decades. Quality metal alloy hardware ensures solid attachment to your home that will hold up in the heaviest weight demands.


Gutter Rudder puts a stylish finish on your home roof line adding curb appeal no other gutter system can match. Gutter Rudder is built to last setting the standard for top quality maintenance free gutter systems.



What are the Features And Benefits Of Gutter Rudder?


*  Designed to fit existing gutters, so you save money. 

*  Ensures that dirt, leaves, needles, and debris roll off of your roof and stay out of gutters.

*  Keeps you off of that dangerous ladder, forever!   

*  Helps reduce gutter fire risk from local wildfires.   

*  Helps prevent snow and ice daming that can damage gutters.   

*  Adapts to Tile, Composites, Shingles, Metal and other roofing.

*  Quality all metal construction and hardware. No plastic!

*  Protects your home’s foundation and landscaping. 

*  Protects against mold, mildew and rot caused by plugged  gutters.

*  Deters infestation of birds, animals, and insects.

*  Surface tension allows water to flow freely into gutters.

*  Works excellent For Pine and Fir Needles. No screens for needles to get stick or caught in.

*  Reliable proven performance that sets the Industry Standard.

*  Gutter Rudder and Forget!




Compare Gutter Rudder To Other Systems


Gutter products, like screens or grates are cheap and ineffective. Screens may block large leaves but still allow small debris and dirt to enter eventually clogging your gutters. Most screens and grates are plastic, some are metal. They never fit properly, and do not last. Plus you still have to climb ladders and clean them again and again. In short, screens and grates are a waste of time and money.
Single piece designs are similar to Gutter Rudder in design but have several major design flaws. The differences are:
*  One piece design cover means you cannot open and service your gutters if required. Whatever gets in is there to stay. Gutter Rudder is a two piece system easily be removed to service gutters if required
*  One piece design covers generally use plastic hardware and brackets. Plastic gets brittle over time and can break with excess weight. Gutter Rudder is ALL METAL CONSTRUCTION.  NO PLASTIC!
*  One piece design covers cannot be customized to follow roof pitch and work effectively to remove debris and fire embers. One piece systems are machine formed with little to no pitch on top allowing debris to accumulate. Gutter Rudder's unique design is custom fitted to follow roof pitch ensuring a continuous flow of debris and embers off roof tops . 
*  Gutter Rudder is engineered to work despite the degree of pitch. Water will easily flow into your gutters, while leaves and debris stay out!.
*  One piece design only comes in one Color. Gutter Rudde can be colored differently than the gutter creating a more refined look. Gutter Rudder and Forget It!



How Much Rain Can Gutter Rudder Handle?


Gutter Rudder can support up to 22 inches of rain per hour. That’s double the amount of rainfall that has ever been recorded by the U.S. Weather Bureau.



How Does Gutter Rudder Help Prevent Roof Fires?

Many homes have burned to the ground just being downwind from an area wildfire. Glowing embers can burst upwards traveling long distances. Some eventually land on roof tops. Gutters filled with leaves and easily quickly ignite eventually consuming the entire structure. Gutter Rudder keeps burning embers out of gutters reducing the chance of roof fire signifigantly. Some states like California require homeowners to cover gutters and help reduce fire threat. Gutter Rudder's solid metal panels do not allow leaves and debris to enter gutters. Wildfire embers slide past the gutter safely dropping off the structure's roof.  Gutter Rudder is the most effective gutter cover  product available in the industry for wildfire protection. Gutter Rudder and Forget It! 



Can Gutter Rudder Handle Heavy Snow?

Yes, Gutter Rudder's all metal design and hardware is engineered to handle the heaviest snowfalls. Thousands of installations in snowy states such as Ohio, New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire are witnesses to the load-bearing capability of our system. Gutter Rudder and Forget It!



How Is Gutter Rudder Installed?


First we check, clean, seal, and fine tune the alignment of your gutter system, where necessary. Then we custom-fit Gutter Rudder to your home with heavy gauge metal covers and reinforced metal support brackets. Gutter Rudder panels are custom fit over your full-sized gutters. 
We mount your Gutter Rudder under your roof shingles extending your roof line past gutters, Roof pitch and angles are followed to maximize removal of water and debris from your roof. Generally, we can complete your installation in one day. Gutter Rudder and Forget It!



Does Installing Gutter Rudder Affect my Existing Roof Warranty?


No… Rest easy knowing your roof and your roof warranty are safe with us. Our installation methods have been evaluated and approved by the major roofing manufacturers. Gutter Rudder is installed professionally by experts, using the industry’s highest standards. No holes are made in your roofing so warranties are not affected. Gutter Rudder and Forget It!



What Colors Are Available?


You can choose among 32 colors to match your roof shingles, trim and/or existing gutters.

To view Color Chart click here.



How Strong Is Gutter Rudder?

Gutter Rudder is engineered specifically for strength. Gutter Rudder is the only system available using metal brackets in our installations which actually strengthen and support your gutters. Other competitors use plastic severely compromising strength, reliability and durability


What Is The Gutter Rudder Warranty?


Gutter Rudder carries a 20 year unlimited warranty. Gutter Rudder and Forget It!



How Much Does Gutter Rudder Cost?


Full Installation for average size homes is generally $2500-$3500. 

Prices can vary depending on:
•    The need for special equipment to perform the installation (lay of the land or other variables).
•    The condition of your roof; any fascia repair and replacement.
•    The overall length of all of your gutters.
•    The number of corners on your roof line.
•    The number of stories.

Our Gutter Rudder technician will inspect and measure your home and provide a firm quote. 
All installations include cleaning and tune-up of your existing gutters.  Gutter Rudder and Forget It!


Gutter Rudder and Forget It!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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