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Gutter Rudder Raingutter Covers


Gutter Rudder  Could Save Your Home

From A Wildfire

Risks of a roof fire are very real

Risks of a roof fire are very real.

Flying embers from a nearby forest or neighborhood wildfire can drop burning embers up to a mile away quickly igniting 

a gutter full of leaves and debris.

Gutter Rudder steers burning embers over gutters safely

Gutter Rudder steers burning embers over gutters safely off the roof. There are no leaves and debris for embers to ignite.


If you live in a wildfire area, Gutter Rudder could save your home from fire reducing threat signifigantly. 

Gutter Rudder greatly reduces wildfire threat

"Gutter Rudder greatly

reduces wildfire threat and can save homes."


Randy Cooper

Oregon Fire Inspecter

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